Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Disenchantment Netflix Series with Matt Groening Announced

Disenchantment (2018-)
Season 1 - 20 episodes (2018)

Disenchantment is an epic fantasy animated series from Matt Groening, creator of The Simpsons (1989-) and Futurama (1999-2013). It will continue the animation style and wit showcased in both franchises. Ten episodes will be released at a time.

Taking place in the crumbling medieval kingdom of Dreamland, young, hard drinking Princess Bean, her feisty elf companion Elfo, and her personal demon Luci encounter ogres, sprites, harpies, imps, trolls, walruses, and many foolish humans.

Matt Groening stated, "Disenchantment will be about life and death, love and sex, and how to keep laughing in a world full of suffering and idiots, despite what the elders and wizards and other jerks tell you."

Voice actors include Abbi Jacobson, Nat Faxon, Eric Andre, John DiMaggio, Billy West, and Maurice LaMarche.

Press Release

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