Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Netflix NEWS 07.11.17

Netflix NEWS
Updates on Netflix original content releasing this week and the announcements from last week.
Netflix Originals Releasing This Week

Buddy Thunderstruck: The Maybe Pile (July 14)
Netflix Kids Movie - Interactive Adventure
Buddy is a semi-truck racing dog in this stop motion animated series.
With branching story lines and various choices, children get to participate in the show as it unfolds. Children make a choice with a remote, controller, or touch screen. If a choice isn't made, the show will continue after fifteen seconds.

Chasing Coral (July 14)

Netflix Original Documentary
Beneath the waves, coral reefs are dying on a massive scale. These scientists and filmmakers are fighting to stop it. A time lapse camera was invented to record the transformation of coral below the waves. Jeff Orlowski's previous documentary was Chasing Ice, documenting climate change in Greenland.
Netflix Acquires Chasing Coral
Watch the trailer

Friends from College Season 1 (July 14) 

Netflix Original Series - 8 episodes
Starring  Keegan-Michael Key, Cobie Smulders, and Fred Savage, this comedy follows Harvard alums now in their 40s trying to reconcile their lack of success in relationships and professionally.
Watch the teaser video 
Pharmacy teaser video
Scientology teaser video 
Gym teaser video
Girls Night Out teaser video
Watch the trailer

To the Bone (July 14)
Netflix Original Movie
Anorexic Ellen has spent her teenage years in recovery programs without a solution. She joins a group home with a non-traditional doctor. Stars Lily Collins, with Keanu Reeves in a supporting role.

Netflix Trailers
Icarus Trailer
Ari Shaffir: Double Negative Trailer

Netflix Previews/Videos
Castlevania opening title video
Last Chance U Season 1 recap video

Netflix Announcements
Kristen Bell to sing closing song on Chasing Coral
Central Park Five mini-series
Netflix Panel schedule at San Diego Comic Con 
Una y no más Spanish comedy special September 8
Castlevania renewed for Season 2 
Steve Buscemi joins Adam Sander-Chris Rock The Week Of 
Bojack Horseman S4 coming September 8

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