Thursday, September 14, 2017

Atypical Netflix Series Renewed for Season 2

Atypical Season 2 (2017-)
Season 2 - 10 episodes (2018, projected)

Atypical Season 2 is projected to premiere in 2018

This is a coming of age story about autistic spectrum teen Sam (Keir Gilchrist). His search for love and independence upends his family as they struggle with their own life changes. All of them wonder what it means to be normal. Jennifer Jason Leigh (Hateful Eight) is his mother Elsa, and Michael Rapaport is his father Doug.

The series is written by Robia Rashid and Michelle Dean, who received her PhD from UCLA and worked at the UCLA Center for Autism and Research and Treatment served as a consultant.

Season 1 premiered in August 2017, with the trailer releasing in July. My review recommendation for season 1 was to watch it. The series features a strong cast of characters.

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