Thursday, November 30, 2017

A Korean Odyssey Distributed Netflix Series Coming in 2018

A Korean Odyssey (2018-)
Season 1 - (2018)
A Korean Odyssey Season 1 premieres in 2018
Inspired by the classic Chinese novel, Journey to the West (Xi You Ji), a monk takes a journey with four troublesome companions who must atone for their sins. The companions are a entertainment agency CEO, a real estate CEO, a top star for the entertainment agency, and a real estate businessman.
It features Lee Seung-Gi as the powerful Son Oh-Gong (based on Sun Wukong the Monkey King a mythical character featured in numerous legends), Cha Seung-Won as Woo Hwi-Chul (based on Bull Demon King), and Oh Yeon-Seo as Jin Sun-Mi (based on Xuanzang the seventh century Buddhist monk). There series will begin airing in Korea in December.
With A Korean Odyssey, Netflix also brings Prison Playbook and Argon onto its service. Prison Playbook is a comedy about a famous baseball player who suddenly ends up in jail, and Argon is about reporters who fight for the truth in the world of fake news.

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