3% (2016-)
Season 1 - 8 episodes (2016 November 25)
Season 2 - 10 episodes (2018 April 27)
Season 3 - (2019)

Netflix Portuguese Language Original Series
Availability: Global
2 seasons, season 3 confirmed for 2019

This sci-fi series depicts a world where society is divided between progress and devastation. Every year only 3% of applicants to the 'good' offshore island are admitted. We watch the candidates in the 104th process.

Rating: [Watch it] / It depends / Skip it
  • This series is at times scattered with multiple double agents trying to stop the process. The criteria for the process is unclear as sometimes cheaters are passed.
    The tests are intriguing as human nature is unleashed. Do you try to act like your imagined version of a model citizen or do you win at all costs because it's life or death? 
Read my Season 1 full review.

  • It's based on creator Pedro Aguilera's own 2011 web series.

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