This is Cross the Netflix Stream where Ward relentlessly reviews Netflix's latest original content and tracks release dates and announcements. If you want to know what's available or what's coming, you're in the right place. All the reviews are written by Ward, and sometimes Ward watches and reviews content that isn't Netflix (don't tell anyone).
Ward lives on the East coast of the U.S., likes to build stuff when he isn't waching Netflix, and is a designer/drafter/3d modeler by day.

And now for some boring information. Ward likes to refer to himself in the third person. As an avid movie fan he watches WAY too many movies. While he once had a dream of watching every single movie on the IMDB Top 250 list, that goal was abandoned because the list changes weekly. He did make it to 249 once, but was thwarted by a movie yet to be released stateside.
A Netflix account in 2011 only perpetuated this problem so Ward began taking notes about the movies he watched. Ward then began publishing these notes to a blog so he could easily access them. These notes became reviews. Through failing to get a job as a movie reviewer and his first podcast Fridays on the Fly disbanding (and then coming back), Ward decided to start a dedicated blog and podcast (now with Eric and Rod) in 2015 about what he was watching on Netflix. This transformed into a one stop resource for Netflix original content.
Feel free to contact me, no hour is too late-ward@crossthenetflixstream.com

I know you don't care if I like long walks on the beach or dolphins, you want to know my favorite movies, so here you go (in no particular order - and I say that only to unsuccessfuly avoid scorn).

Ward's Favorite movies:
  1. In Bruges
  2. Inside Llewyn Davis
  3. The Thin Red Line
  4. Gattaca
  5. The Terminator
  6. Ghostbusters
  7. Unbreakable 
  8. The Departed
  9. Before Sunrise/Before Sunset
  10. The Matrix
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