The Week Of

The Week Of (2018 April 27)

Netflix Original Movie
Availability: Global

When two very different fathers come together for their children’s wedding, everything that could go wrong, does. Watch the hilarious hijinks as the two try to keep everything afloat, while dealing with their families...and each other. Before they get to the big day, they have to go through a long week.

Season 1 Rating: Watch it / It depends / [Skip it]
  • This looked like a odd couple crazy wedding movie, and it is to a degree but there's no story. The soon to be married couple are just set pieces as the movie focuses on attempted comedy which makes the heart to heart conversations thrown in at the end jarring. Adam Sandler stammers for two hours, and sometimes the screen is filled with people because this movie is a void. Frequently an attempt at a joke happens. I don't think anyone wanted to be in this movie. After the one hour mark, which I thought and hoped was near the end, my disdain for this movie grew with every second.
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  • The fourth of Adam Sandler's original four movie deal from October 2014 with a new deal announced in March 2017 for four additional movies.
  • The first three Sandler movies were The Ridiculous 6, The Do-Over, and Sandy Wexler.
  • Adam Sandler
  • Chris Rock

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