Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (2015-2018)
Season 1 - 13 episodes (2015 March 6)
Season 2 - 13 episodes (2016 April 15)
Season 3 - 13 episodes (2017 May 19)
Season 4 Part 1 - 6 episodes (2018 May 3)
Season 4 Part 2 - 6 episodes (2019 January 25)
Netflix Original Series
Availability: Global
4 seasons, season 4 part 2 concludes 2019 January 25

In this comedy, Kimmy (Ellie Kemper) was rescued from an underground bunker where she was one of many wives to a cult leader (Jon Hamm). In season two, her upbeat attitude helps her brave adversity no matter the circumstance.

It was reported on May 3, 2018 that season 4 is the final season with a possible movie. 

Rating: Watch it / [It depends] / Skip it
  • This is a silly show. It's funny, relying on rapid delivery, wordplay, and non-sequiturs geared for a generation knowledgeable about the 80's to understand all the references. It's not so much laugh out loud funny, but it is clever and witty. The first episode this season is a miss, but after that it finds its stride. If you aren't interested after the first four episodes, don't expect the show to change.
    This isn't my style of show and not something that would be on my watch list, but I can appreciate the writing and humor, but I'm not left craving a third season. It is a better comedy than many of Netflix's other offerings.
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