13 Reasons Why

13 Reasons Why (2017-)
Season 1 - 13 episodes (2017 March 31) 

Netflix Original Series
Availability: Global
1 season, Season 2 returns in 2018

Season 1 was based on a 2007 young adult novel. Clay (Dylan Minnette) finds a box on his doorstep addressed to him two weeks after his classmate Hannah ended her life. Inside he discovers thirteen tapes with thirteen reasons why Hannah did it.
Season 2 continues the stories of the characters left behind as they deal with the aftermath.

Rating: [Watch it] / It depends / Skip it
  • This is a well-crafted show that uses expert editing to drift between present and past as Clay slowly uncovers the multitude of reasons that led to Hannah's death. This is a great example of why books should become a limited series instead of a movie, they need more time to unfold.
Read my Season 1 full review.


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