Love (2016-2018) 
Season 1 - 10 episodes (2016 February 19)
Season 2 - 12 episodes (2017 March 10)
Season 3 - 12 episodes (2018 March 9)
Netflix Original Series
Availability: Global
3 seasons

The show follows Mickey and Gus who just came out of separate relationship and now navigate the world of dating in Los Angeles.

Season 1 Rating: Watch it / It depends / [Skip it]
  • Why does an adult comedy mean excessive language, nudity, and drugs? Why can't it explore complex themes or just adult relationships? If you were hoping for a successor to Freaks and Geeks or even Undeclared, this isn't it. While Apatow's name is prominently displayed, he is not the creator.
    Netflix frees creators from restraint in content and length, but it's not helping. Love could be better with restraints. Requiring each episode to clock in at under thirty minutes would force it to focus the plot. Restraining content would force them to actually exercise creativity in conveying the same information. If I wasn't reviewing this I would have quit after episode one. Actually, if I wasn't reviewing it, I wouldn't have started the first episode.  
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Season 2 Rating: Watch it / [It depends] / Skip it
  • I didn't like the first season very much (read my Season 1 review), but season 2 fixes most of my issues, the chief one being the pacing problems which teased Gus and Mickey getting together for the entire season. Now they are together, experiencing the ups and downs of a relationship.
    While I enjoyed the show and I'm more receptive to the third season than I was the second, I can't call this off beat meandering comedy a must watch. This is good, but doesn't quite stand out enough with all of the content available.
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