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Love Season 2 Netflix Series Review

Love (2016-)
Season 2 (2017)

Watch Love Season 2 on Netflix
Created by: Judd Apatow, Lesley Arfin, Paul Rust
Starring: Gillian Jacobs, Paul Rust, Claudia O'Doherty

Rating: TV-MA

The show follows complete opposites Mickey and Gus, now a couple, navigating the world of dating in Los Angeles.
This has already been renewed for a 3rd season.

I didn't like the first season very much (read my Season 1 review), but season 2 fixes most of my issues, the chief one being the pacing problems which teased Gus and Mickey getting together for the entire season. Now they are together, experiencing the ups and downs of a relationship.
While I enjoyed the show and I'm more receptive to the third season than I was the second, I can't call this off beat meandering comedy a must watch. This is good, but doesn't quite stand out enough with all of the content available.
It depends.

The synopsis that played just before season two started made season one look enjoyable, but the story arc was incredibly slow. I knew from the first episode they'd end up together. That seemed like the story, and what we got was filler until that happened. I expect if I re-watched season one I'd like it more, but you could start with season two.
They start the season together for the night, despite Mickey wanting to take a break. While they share a mutual attraction, she realizes she's an addict, of alcohol and love. This season delves into her problems, and to a lesser degree Gus's. They both have their issues, and when they're together they bring out the best in each other. Opposites often attract and as Gus tells Mickey, she pushes him to the edge. She replies that he pulls her away from it.

I wonder how Mickey still has a job at the radio station. She misses meetings, doesn't do much, and has endless amounts of free time. How is Mickey not fired? I can kind of see how Gus has free time as his job as a tutor on set only seems to take a few hours, but his student Arya is a bit one note. She is the vapid teen actor that's a diva beyond her years. David Spade cameos as her dad this season.
This show has a slower pace, which isn't bad. It's much easier to handle now that they're together. The show still explores the world of dating, to a lesser degree through the side characters, which are quirky enough to hold their own. Gus's friends get together to create theme songs for television concepts they make up. There are many Die Hard references this season, and
Episode seven is the beginning of trouble. At a work party, Mickey's boss is jealous and tells Gus some not so flattering things despite initially having hit it off. This is followed by Mickey's dead beat dad coming to town. Gus tries to help the relationship between Mickey and her dad but only hurts his relationship with Mickey. The infatuation period is officially over. While house sitting, their feelings boil over. Mickey feels like Gus is monitoring her every move, while Gus says he just cares about her and is trying to help.

With Gus out of town and their time apart not helping, Mickey's self destructive behavior kicks in and she texts an ex, Dustin. Dustin becomes enamored with her all over again as she tries to cover up her misdeeds.

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