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Fuller House Season 2 Netflix Series Review

Fuller House (2016-)
Season 2 - 13 episodes (2016)
Watch Fuller House on Netflix
Created by: Jeff Franklin
Starring: Candace Cameron Bure, Jodie Sweetin, Andrea Barber
Rated: TV-G

DJ Tanner-Fuller lives with her sister Stephanie, best friend Kimmy, and their kids in this spin off of the sitcom Full House.

This is more of the same from Season 1 (read my review). If you liked season 1, you'll like this but the nostalgia has faded. Each episode is easy to predict within just a few minutes. While it's simple entertainment, it isn't always as clean as I expect it to be. There are more than a few double entendre jokes.
It never strives to tackle stories that are anything more than painfully cliche. This show imagines that the most pressing problems in the adult women's live is guys.
The most annoying character is the middle kid Max who sounds like a pack a day smoker and is eight with the insults of an adult. With a cast of annoying characters, he's the absolute worst.
Skip it.

This is still a '90s show transported to the 2010s with annoying, terrible jokes and ridiculous situations. The cliff hanger of season one was whether DJ (Candice Cameron Bure) would choose Steve or Matt. It's ridiculous that she would even string two guys along like that, but they both get girlfriends in the mean time rendering her decision moot. I hoped this would signal an end to relationship drama but I was wrong. DJ's only flimsy purpose for existing is to get a guy. Did I mention how annoying the middle kid Max is. Ugh.
Stefanie falling asleep while trying to explain the plot of season 2.
The new relationship drama is Stefanie (Jodie Sweetin) dating Jimmy Gibbler, Kimmy's (Andrea Barber) brother. Full House never introduced another Gibbler past Kimmy. This show does it because it has no other ideas. Jimmy is ditzier than Kimmy, though DJ is always eager to take the crown. I didn't remember her being this dumb in season one, but I've tried to erase that from my memory.

The jokes and plot lines are painfully telegraphed. Most stories in the episodes hold no surprise whatsoever. This is an awkward and stilted show that combines a Sinéad O'Connor joke with a Carroll O'Connor joke. Who is the target audience here?

Episode six reunites Danny, Jessie, and Joey. It seems that if one appears, they all do. Joey has four annoying kids, which is just what this show needed, more annoying kids.

I will credit episode eight with a clever joke, the only one I heard. Fernando comments that he'd like to watch entertainment without commercials and is willing to pay a monthly fee. I suppose one joke was bound to land after eight episodes. The joke was needed after Stefanie's impromptu musical performance complete with a band.

Becky asking who's excited for season 3.
Episode nine squarely targets the women that watched Full House with a New Kids on the Block cameo.

Other stuff happens. DJ is with Matt, but wishes she was with Steve. Steve is getting married to CJ, a DJ clone. Jessie and Becky adopt a baby for some inexplicable reason.

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