Thursday, December 22, 2016

Crazyhead Season 1 Netflix Series Review

Crazyhead (2016-)
Season 1 - 6 episodes (2016)
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Created by: Howard Overman
Starring: Cara Theobold, Susan Wokoma, Tony Curran
Rated: TV-MA

The comedy horror is about two demon hunting women. Raquel always knew some people were demons. Now she's found someone crazy enough to believe her.

It's campy in a good way. While the villain embodies many tropes, the show realizes this and often makes fun of it. Crazyhead mixes Friends with The Walking Dead. Raquel and Amy navigate dating when they aren't killing demons that can hide in plain site.
It relies on awkward humor and non-sequiturs, managing to make it natural. It has the distinct British humor, and above all. It's just fun with absurd situations. What do you do when your best friend turns into a ghoul yet wants to cuddle with you?
Watch it.

This seems like Buffy The Vampire Slayer, but I missed out on that show, so I can't compare, though it does seem like a successor of sorts.

Crazyhead revels in the absurd. To start off the first episode Raquel (Susan Wokoma) and Amy (Cara Theobold) are trying to exorcise their friend. Raquel informs Amy that you have to pee on them to get the demon out. You think it's a fake out for the character and the audience. It's not a joke, the process does require it. The show then flashes back a day earlier when Amy first saw somebody that looks like a demon. She has the rare ability to see demons that inhabit anyone. At first Amy thinks her hallucinations are back, but she runs into Raquel who is a demon hunter. They both see the same psychologist who just happens to be the head demon that wants to open a trans dimensional portal.
It's a simple plot that completely works, plus any time a show uses The Pixies for the soundtrack, I'll keep watching.

Anytime someone flips out or harms others it's because they are possessed, most people just can't see that. This show is the best kind of absurd. This goes so far over the top that it doesn't expect you suspend your disbelief, this show wants you to have fun, and you will.

Amy is the reluctant seer who would rather avoid conflict and keep quiet. Amy often finds herself in absurd situations. In episode three, Amy's undead roommate comes back to the apartment and wants to cuddle. Amy isn't sure what to do and awkwardly endures it. In episode four, Amy and Raquel confront a demon inhabiting a soccer mom's body. A toy fight in the play room ensues.

Raquel lacks social skills and has a special link to the demons. She's good for a few one liners each episode, but I was disappointed with her lack of logic later in the season. While you could argue that due to her awkwardness she's never had a boyfriend, it still felt illogical that she would fall so fast head over heels for someone while simultaneously dismissing all of Amy's warnings.

The season starts with an uneasy friendship between Raquel and Amy that slowly builds, tested by the tribulations of demon hunting.

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