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Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 3 The Queen's Justice Recap

Game of Thrones (2011-)
Season 7 - 7 episodes (2017)

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Created by: David Benioff, D.B. Weiss
Starring: Emilia Clarke, Peter Dinklage, Kit Harington, Sophie Turner, Lena Headey, Maisie Williams, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Aidan Gillan, Gwendoline Christie

HBO's fantasy drama series adapted from George R.R. Martin's book series A Song of Ice and Fire follows the civil war of kings and usurpers in Westeros who wish to sit on the throne. The scale and scope of the story is staggering, fully realized with a large ensemble cast.

The show is speculated to conclude after thirteen episodes, though it may be broken into two seasons. Season six put all the characters on a course to get back to Westeros for the big fight that's inevitable. You can devise a rough outline of where season seven is headed, though I expect many surprises.

Review: Episode 3 - The Queen's Justice
Jon arrives to see Daenerys. Will he need to prove he beat death, show his wounds? Whatever happened to Samwell's experimental procedure on Jorah Mormont?
Jon arrives at Casterly Rock. He and Tyrion catch up on old times, and Jon gets to see his first dragon. Melisandre admits to Varys she made mistakes and didn't leave Jon Snow on good terms. She doesn't admit it was because she had Stannis Baratheon's daughter burned at the stake for the Lord of Light.
After seven seasons Jon and Daenerys share the screen. Daenerys is quite condescending. She's always been the underdog and now that she's upon a throne she seems to be just like everyone else that gets a taste of power. In her defense, Jon Snow doesn't even hold a house name. She could perceive has as a mere usurper. She doesn't have the benefit of seeing what we've seen.
Daenerys claims to be the last Targaryen, but little does she know, Jon Snow shares her lineage. Bran is the only one that knows this but how can he prove it? All he has is a vision. When will he and Jon meet?
Jon Snow proclaims the army of the dead is the universal enemy. Of course, Daenerys takes this lightly but Jon calls upon Tyrion to confirm his honesty.  Everyone is fighting this petty war, but Jon knows the real enemy. I doubt anyone will believe him until they see a white walker, but that's a lot of Southward travel for a walker. If they get that far the war may be done.
Ser Davos bolsters Jon's claim. Jon made allies of wildlings, he was made Lord Commander and King of the North. Davos begins to mention Jon was stabbed in the heart, but a sideways glance stops Davos.
Jon is at Dragonstone only for the dragon glass. He's yet to mention this, it's good tactic.
Jon and Tyrion brood over the coming winter and Daenerys, and Jon's plight. Jon tells Tyrion about dragon glass. Tyrion returns to Daenerys and tells her Jon's want. Tyrion tells her that  everyone would have advised him not to come and yet he's here. Give him something, he could be an ally.
Daenerys pointedly asks Tyrion about the knife to the heart that Davos mentioned. Tyrion brushes it aside as Northern fancy. Everyone in that room should know there is something to that with the way Jon cut Davos off. Why mention it only to play it off? Is it just a nod to the fans?

We're reaching the downward slope of many character arcs. Theon, now Reek, is pathetic. You wonder if he'll find redemption, but I don't think so. He's a far cry from who he was in season one.
Euron returns to Cersei with justice for Marcella, the Sand Snakes in tow. Cersei promises Euron he'll get her as a wife when the war is won.You might think Cersei is playing it off, but she thinks she can win. She's made it this far after all.
Euron and Jamie don't get along at all. One of them will likely kill the other.
Cersei gets her revenge for Marcella, killing Ellaria Sand's daughter in the same manner.

The Iron Bank of Braavos has come to collect. Cersei has no money, is fighting wars on multiple fronts, and has inherited considerable debt. She urges Braavos to bet on her.
Sansa is a force with which to be reckoned. She's planning for the future and smart about many things. She'll give the North the best chance.
Sansa and Bran reunite. Sansa proclaims Bran a lord, but Bran counters he's the three eyed raven. He can't be Lord because he sees everything that's ever happened. He says it's difficult to explain, but it's quite easy. Bran was chosen to to secede the former raven. The raven has extensive knowledge abotu all things. He does prove to Sansa he knows some things, recounting her wedding night.

Jorah Mormont is healed and headed to Daenerys. It turns out Samwell succeeded in an endeavor where many maesters have failed. Instead of a rebuke, the arch-maester is impressed.

The Unsullied are heading to Casterly Rock, a keep that's never been taken and the Rock is prepared. While Tyrion's father Tywin built Casterly Rock and the army, he designated the sewers to Tyrion. Tyrion built in an escape hatch to aid in his misdeeds. Casterly Rock has been defeated, though the troops were less than expected. Euron rides upon Casterly Rock, destroying ships. The troops that were supposed to be at Casterly Rock attack the Tyrell held Highgarden. Casterly Rock is worth little and without ships, the Unsullied will have to abandon the Rock.
Olenna Tyrell drinks her poison from Jamie, admitting she is the one that killed Joffrey in season four. Even in her last breaths the Queen of Thorns makes it count.

Everybody is falling this episode. I didn't expect so much to happen. Daenerys and Jon meet, Bran and Sansa reunite, two keeps fall, Daenerys is losing allies, and Jon is getting his dragon glass. I guarantee you the Jon Daenerys alliance is just getting started.

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