Thursday, March 16, 2017

One More Time Netflix Series Pilot Review

One More Time (2017)
The Day After We Broke Up (also known as)
He-eo-jin Da-eum-nal (Original Title)
Mini-series - 8 episodes (2017)

Watch One More Time Season 1 on Netflix
Excludes South Korea

Starring L, So-hee Yoon Ki-doo Kim, Chang-hwan Kim, Ji Su, Tae-im Lee Nam-gil Kang
Rated: TV-14


In this Korean language fantasy drama an indie band singer endlessly repeats the same day as he attempts to save his girlfriend from an unlucky fate.


Despite being very similar to many other time travel series and episodes, I enjoyed the first two episodes. I originally planned to watch just the pilot. This has a supernatural element, though I don't know how that will play out.
This includes the usual wish fulfillment that looping time travel situations do, but the episode synopses hint that Tan's arc may be a race to save his girlfriend, and in turn himself.
So far this doesn't stand out in the sub-genre, but it has potential to be pretty solid.
This isn't intended for an American audience. The title and quite a bit of dialog isn't even subtitled. Despite that, it doesn't hinder understanding the show. It's enjoyable, despite the well tread subject.
It depends.


This isn't breaking new ground with the concept, but if it focuses on developing the characters it could be interesting.
Plenty of television episodes have played on this concept, Star Trek: The Next Generation, The X-files, Day Break with Taye Diggs, and movies like Groundhog Day, Edge of Tomorrow, and Run Lola Run.

I did want to watch the second episode just to get into the crux of the story. Looks like that won't unfold until the third or fourth episode.

A band struggling to make it.Tan is the lead singer an unsuccessful musician, dissatisfied with his life and lack of success as he watches other music groups excel. Tan is played by L, a South Korean actor and member of a boy band. The band's name is One More Time, which is fitting.
He gets a music deal, but has to dump his girlfriend and his band mates for the contract. Tan does so unceremoniously in the middle of a gig. The bridges have been scorched.

This doesn't get into time travel until the very end of the first episode. It loos like the series will be him changing his attitude and appreciating his friends. Ostensibly he dies at the end of the first episode, but we know that's not true. There's a young girl that we've seen before that seems to be the key to this mystical situation.

Episode two was kind of boring. I've seen this genre, with the main character shocked and surprised as the day repeats. I don't know if this genre isn't as prevalent in Korea, but this episode is incredibly derivative.

Tan shifts from trying to help those he's encountered to making money, buying designer suits, and driving fast cars.

The synopsis for the third episode states he checks in on the other band members during the day. I expect he finds out about his girlfriend Da-in's fate

This isn't a bad show, if you you haven't seen a similar genre recently, but with two episodes in there isn't much to set it apart.

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