Thursday, March 2, 2017

Chef's Table Season 3 Netflix Series Review

Chef's Table (2015-)
Season 3 (2017)
Watch Chef's Table Season 3 on Netflix
Created by: David Gelb
Starring: Jeong Kwan, Vladimir Mukhin,  Nancy Silverton, Ivan Orkin, Tim Raue, Virgilio Martinez
Rating: TV-MA

This series examines the lives and work of world renowned chefs.
Season 3 features Jeong Kwan of South Korea, Vladimir Mukhin of Russia, Nancy Silverton of California, Ivan Orkin of New York, Tim Raue of Germany, and Virgilio Martinez of Peru.

I enjoyed season two, and season three is more of the same. I don't watch cooking shows and am not a cooking fanatic, so this show is not really aimed at me, but I can certainly appreciate the artistry and devotion to a craft. I liked episode four, about Ivan Ramen, the most.
This is a unique show, and even if your prefer scripted shows, this offers intriguing stories. Any show that focuses on artists grabs my attention, and these chefs are just that.
Watch it.

If you've seen this show before it's more of the same, looking at the backgrounds and inspirations of the world's greatest chefs. It can be fascinating, though I liked season two just a bit more (read my season 2 review). That was my first experience with a show like this. Season two was more focused on artistry, not just the food but even the restaurant, while season three is more about the quality of the good. If I had watched this season first, I'd probably like it over the second.
Episode one may be the wildest story with a woman that ran off at a young age and later became a monk who cooks. Her fame is amazing in that she didn't try to become famous, like most chefs do. Many of the other chefs traveled the world for inspiration and exposure and Jeong Kwan did neither. Episode three is the other side of fame, Nancy Silverton becomes great and establishes franchises only to become disillusioned and let go of it all. She  decides to focus on just one kitchen.
Episode four is my favorite because it's the food I'd most like to try. I knew nothing past instant ramen noodles, and Ivan Orkin provides an education. This episode also single handedly earned this season a TV-MA rating with chef Ivan's constant cursing.

Episode six is the most creative with Virgilio Martinez  laying out courses based on the altitude in which the food is found in Peru. Episode five was my least favorite. Tim Raue the typical big ego chef that knows it but doesn't care.

All of these chefs are artists that devote their lives to their craft. Their tenacity is inspiring, especially in an occupation you wouldn't necessarily associate with art. These are meals truly hand crafted from the ingredients to the presentation.

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