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Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 5 Eastwatch

Game of Thrones (2011-)
Season 7 - 7 episodes (2017)

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Created by: David Benioff, D.B. Weiss
Starring: Emilia Clarke, Peter Dinklage, Kit Harington, Sophie Turner, Lena Headey, Maisie Williams, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Aidan Gillan, Gwendoline Christie

HBO's fantasy drama series adapted from George R.R. Martin's book series A Song of Ice and Fire follows the civil war of kings and usurpers in Westeros who wish to sit on the throne. The scale and scope of the story is staggering, fully realized with a large ensemble cast.

The show is speculated to conclude after thirteen episodes, though it may be broken into two seasons. Season six put all the characters on a course to get back to Westeros for the big fight that's inevitable. You can devise a rough outline of where season seven is headed, though I expect many surprises.

Review: Episode 5 - Eastwatch
Episode four was an amazing episode. Usually an episode that good doesn't happen until later in the season, but episode five is another good entry. We are at peak quality Game of Thrones. The scale and scope of every episode has become staggering. Six years of drama are converging. Not only that, this show is correcting any deficiencies. The pacing is perfect, and the focus has narrowed. We're heading to the end, whatever that may be. There's no more filler. Now, it all matters. There are still many characters that require a cheat sheet to keep track of, but this show is firing on all cylinders. The previews for the next episode promise another stunning episode.

Episode four finally gave us Daenerys riding a dragon into battle. It was a great scene, but Jon Snow cautioned her not to do it. Leveling castles is more of the same thing we got from previous rulers. This seemed to be a setup for Daenerys killing a well known character, but it didn't come to fruition. Even this close to the end, the show is scared to kill off well known characters, and at the same time it doesn't want us to dislike Daenerys for the destruction she caused.
Just a few episodes ago Arya seemed poised to remove a few names from the roster, but she diverted course. Game of Thrones is at its best when it has fewer stories, and this season has been good at focusing.
The big question, does Jaime live after his failed attempt at attacking Daenerys?
Bronn saved Jaime. Bronn was just super man last episode, attacking dragons and saving lives without even a scratch. Bronn questions what Jaime was even thinking at such a silly attempt with a dragon nearby. Bronn's reason for saving Jaime, he hasn't been paid yet.
Daenerys addresses her Lannister captives, setting them straight on what she wants and what Cersei wants. They are not the same, and if the the Lannister army bends the knee, they will live. She gets push back from Randyll and Dickon Tarley. They refuse to accept a foreign invader who isn't even from Westeros.
Tyrion is uneasy at Daenerys's threats of death and destruction. He beseeches her to send them to the Wall, but Daenerys isn't here to put men in prison. She intends to keep her word. Her dragon incinerates them, and everyone else quickly bends the knee.

Jaime intends to dissuade Cersei from this war. Apparently the Tyrell gold made it back to King's Landing. Cersei wants to hire mercenaries instead of paying off debts. Jamie reveals that Tyrion didn't kill Joffrey, it was Olenna Tyrell. Cersei doubts it, but Jamie provides a well reasoned argument. Tommen was an avenue for Olenna to rule the Seven Kingdoms.
Daenerys lands on Dragonstone riding a dragon. Jon Snow is nearby, fearful, but he approaches the dragon and touches it. Daenerys is stunned. Her question is going to be how he did that. We know. Dragons are Targaryen territory.
Daenerys and Jon discuss her recent victory, and she asks him about the dagger to the heart Davos mentioned. Jon attempts to explain it away, but is saved the trouble when Jorah Mormont returns. Daenerys is pleased to see him. He asks to return to service, his request granted.
Bran's doing his warging thing. He's potentially the ultimate weapon, well one of them. He can in essence see everything. His range is unmatched. Of course he sees a giant white walker army approaching Eastwatch. Bran sends out ravens, alerting the citadel.
Samwell happens to be present when the note is read, he lends credibility to Bran though the maesters reject him. Samwell urges the maesters to warn the people. Westeros will believe the citadel. They dismiss it.
Samwell is fed up, no surprise there. He breaks into the secret library, determined to find the key to defeating white walkers. He leaves the citadel with a host of books and Gilly.
Tyrion tries to justify Daenerys actions to Varys. At the same time, he's trying to confirm he's following the correct ruler. Varys has been in the same position, with Aegon. He urges Tyrion to find a way to make her listen.
Tyrion proposes to capture a white walker and prove to Cersei the undead are real. Ser Davos will smuggle Tyrion into King's Landing to set up the meet and Jorah will capture a white walker with Jon leading a raid.
Jon went to Dragonstone for the benefit of his people at the risk of death. He asks Daenerys to trust in him for the benefit of everyone. How the heck do you catch just one white walker when they're marching together? Are there white walker deserters and stragglers?

Arya questions Sansa, for listening to insults directed at Jon and for taking their parents chambers. Arya insinuates what Sansa really wants is to rule. She likes nice things and the approval of others.
Arya follows Littlefinger around Winterfell. Littlefinger by nature is up to no good. He aims to hide something, though we don't know what. Arya breaks into his room, searching for the note he wishes to hide. It appears to be a note Sansa wrote to Arya, asking her to kneel to Joffrey. Littlefigner may have set Arya up. She's not used to dealing with someone so deceitful and clever. He's driving a wedge between Arya and Sansa so that his door to Sansa remains open.
This season is moving right along. Tyrion is already at King's Landing to beseech Jaime. Tyrion compliments Jaime on the Casterly Rock battle, but Jaime is having none of it. We don't hear Tyrion ask, but we know the question.
Jamie is surprised to learn that Cersei knew about his Tyrion meeting. Cersei sees this as opportunity. She also reveals she's carrying Jaime's child. Jaime is concerned about public opinion, but of course Cersei isn't.
Ser Davos also has business at King's Landing. He visits Gendry, whom he helped escape back in season 3. Gendry is also the rightful air to Robert Barantheon. Melisandre planned to use his blood to rid the land of the kings and clear the way for Stannis's victory. Stannis didn't get too far. Gendry was a skilled blacksmith is still at it, but he's all too ready to follow Davos. Davos sweet talks his way out getting himself and Gendry caught by the guards of King's Landing. Of course Tyrion walks up at the same time. Gendry makes short work of the guards with his warhammer.
Davos warns Gendry to keep his parentage to himself, but Gendry has his own plans. He reveals all to Jon. Their father's fought together and won. Gendry is ready to fight the undead.
Upon Jon's return to the wall, Tormund thinks Jon crazy. Jon and Jorah want to go North and Tormund reveals he found the Hound, Thoros, and Dondarrion. Gendry was sold by them, the Brotherhood without Banners, to Melisandre. The Brotherhood is heading North at the Lord of Light's command. Jon proclaims them all on the same side by the fact that they're all still breathing.

Up next, we're North of the wall once again, there's going to be trouble between Sansa and Arya, Bran's due to reveal something crazy, and Samwell likely will end up back on Westeros.

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