Friday, January 13, 2017

Jim Gaffigan: Cinco Netflix Comedy Special Review

Jim Gaffigan: Cinco (2017)

Watch Jim Gaffigan: Cinco on Netflix
Starring: Jim Gaffigan
Directed by: Jeannie Gaffigan
Rated: TV-14

Comedian Jim Gaffigan takes the stage once again for his fifth comedy special. His previous specials have been nominated for Grammy awards.

I really enjoyed this. Gaffigan's comedy centers around being an every man father. He likes to eat and watch television. He peppers in observations from his life around that.
The whole set is good, but there are some really stand out jokes, like his self deprecating opening and observations about Netflix. A few jokes run long like his one about seasons. I don't think this is his best set, but after five specials it's difficult to stay sharp. This is definitely one of the better Netflix comedy specials.
Watch it.

This begins with a pre-taped introduction depicting a haunted house. We see five kids which have to be Gaffigan's. Right off the bat Gaffigan starts with self deprecating overweight jokes, pointing out that he often covers his belly with his arm as if that instantly makes him thin.

His monologue on the seasons and the tragedy of fall and leaves went a bit long before he moved to streaming television. It just never ends, it's like a debt collector. "Have you seen Game of Thrones?" "I'll catch up by next week, I promise!"

Gaffigan talks about his streaming habits. "I binge watch shows I don't like. This is pretty bad. I'll watch five more episodes." It makes him feel like a television athlete. You ran a 10k? Jim just finished Mad Men.
Cable and land line phones are becoming an anachronism. He doesn't answer his home phone, anyone that knows him would call his cell phone.
With the proliferation of streaming media and tablet readers, reading an actual book makes you feel like Abe Lincoln.

Have you ever been stopped in an airport smuggling donuts? Jim has.

The conclusion to the show was weak, closing out discussing his wife and kids.

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