Friday, January 27, 2017

Monsieur Hulot's Holiday Movie Review

Monsieur Hulot's Holiday (1953)
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Written by: Pierre Aubert (with the collaboration of), Jacques Lagrange (with the collaboration of), Henri Marquet (dialogue), Henri Marquet (screenplay, story), Jacques Tati (dialogue, screenplay, story)
Directed by: Jacques Tati
Starring:  Jacques Tati, Nathalie Pascaud, Micheline Rolla

My rating is simple, Watch It, It Depends, Skip it. Read my previous movie reviews!

In this French language film, well meaning but accident prone Monsieur Hulot goes to a beach side hotel for a vacation where chaos ensures.

This is a bridge between the intricate sight gags of silent films and the modern day hi-jinks of Mr. Bean. It's never been a type of comedy I enjoy as it quickly becomes repetitive.
Skip it.

This contains less dialog than most films, thought it's not silent. There is dialog and ambient sound, but Tati wanted viewers to focus on the comedy and choreography of visual gags, hearkening to the silent film era.

Monsieur Hulot had to have influence Mr. Bean. Hulot is a well meaning dolt. The movie doesn't have much plot or story. This feels like another movie regarded more for what it did for the future of cinema than what it does currently. This is repetitive and one-dimensional. He's clumsy, socially awkward and inept. More of a story line would have helped.

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